Columbia flower market

It was 1837 when Angela Burdett inherited her grandfather’s massive fortune she became one of the wealthiest women in England. Of course, that brought the attention of the country’s bachelors on her. But she didn’t think about marrying and instead started several social projects. One of which was the development of Columbia Market. Today it hosts the infamous Columbia Flower market which is the target of today’s episode. Watch us trying to get the most beautiful flower for only £5.

Columbia Market is if not the largest then definitely the busiest flower market in England. From roses over orchids to tulips you get almost every flower you can imagine. It is literally so busy that at some points on the street you have to stand still for several minutes because you can’t move further. So bring some patience when you come.

…and it’s not that Angela Burdett never married. With 67, she married her 27-year-old American secretary.

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